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What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a medication that is primarily used to treat type 2 diabetes in Australia. In recent months numerous Ozempic patients have gone viral on social media for their rapid weight loss, which has led to a global shortage of medication.

Ozempic comes in a pen (similar to an insulin pen). It needs to be kept in the fridge and injected into stomach fat once a week.

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Chemist Warehouse - Order Ozempic Online

Anyone with an electronic prescription can order medications (including Ozempic and Saxenda) through the Chemist Warehouse website; and have the medication delivered straight to the patient’s door.

Chemist Warehouse is well-known among Australians for offering an extensive range of medical products and pharmaceutical services. With their recent introduction of online prescription medication ordering, customers can now order prescription medications, including Ozempic, using electronic prescriptions (e-scripts). This service, especially beneficial amidst the ongoing global shortage of Ozempic, can prove instrumental in ensuring you continue your prescribed treatment without interruption.

Once your order is placed, Chemist Warehouse arranges for your medication to be delivered straight to your doorstep. Stock levels of Ozempic at Chemist Warehouse do fluctuate, and it is recommended that you keep checking for availability or consider the use of e-scripts to expedite the process.

Get an Ozempic E-script

With the prevalence of telemedicine platforms like Chronic Therapy, e-scripts have become easily attainable to appropriate patients. Chronic Therapy doctors screen patients during their telemedicine consultation.

If medically appropriate, the doctor will write and issue an electronic prescription to the patient. This is either sent as a text message or email. The e-script has a barcode that can be scanned at any Australian pharmacy. This will allow the pharmacy to dispense the medication.

One major advantage of this prescription is that it can be easily sent to any pharmacy that has available stock of Ozempic. This is crucial as there is a global shortage and many individual pharmacies have to wait months before they will be restocked.

An e-script allows you to access medications from any pharmacy in Australia, irrespective of your geographical location. This is particularly advantageous when certain medications, such as Ozempic, face supply constraints.

For patients managing chronic conditions, e-scripts ensure that they can consistently access their prescribed medication, bypassing the need for traditional paper prescriptions that can limit their options. In the event of low stock levels or local unavailability of medication, an e-script can be the key to ensuring continued treatment.

Book a consultation with a Chronic Therapy doctor to discuss how e-scripts can support your treatment plan, including the prescription of Ozempic.

Purchasing From Other Pharmacies

In addition to Chemist Warehouse, dozens of other pharmacies across Australia accept e-scripts and can send medications like Ozempic to a patient's home. As stock levels vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, having an e-script allows patients to purchase their medication from any pharmacy in the country with stock. This nationwide access is particularly useful during periods of medication shortage.

Price Differences Between Pharmacies

A Wegovy treatment plan involves a weekly injection of the drug. It begins with a lower dose to help the body adjust, gradually increasing to the full It is important to note that the price of medications, including Ozempic, can vary significantly between different pharmacies. While Chemist Warehouse generally offers competitive prices, some pharmacies have marked up the price of medications that are in extremely low stock. However, the team at Chronic Therapy consistently monitors the market to guide patients to pharmacies offering Ozempic at affordable prices.


Navigating the healthcare system and accessing essential medications such as Ozempic can sometimes be complex and overwhelming, especially during periods of global shortage. However, e-scripts and telemedicine platforms like Chronic Therapy have simplified this process, connecting patients to doctors and pharmacies in a streamlined, accessible manner.

Whether you're considering starting on Ozempic or are facing challenges in accessing your current prescription due to stock shortages, scheduling a consultation with a Chronic Therapy doctor can ensure that you continue to receive the care and treatment you need.

Leveraging e-scripts can provide you with wider access to pharmacies like Chemist Warehouse, and assist in managing your treatment effectively even in periods of medication shortage. Chronic Therapy's commitment to patient care extends beyond consultation, assisting in not only procuring your medication but also ensuring you're purchasing from a pharmacy that offers it at a reasonable price. The goal is to ensure that you can focus on managing your health, with the reassurance that your treatment is accessible and affordable.