Medical Cannabis Melbourne (Victoria)


  1. Are cannabis medications legal in Melbourne, Victoria?
  2. Which cannabis medications are available in Melbourne?
  3. Cannabis Clinic Melbourne
  4. Cannabis Dispensary Melbourne
  5. How Much Does Medical Cannabis Cost in Melbourne?
  6. Can You Drive on Medical Cannabis in Victoria?


1. Are Cannabis Medications Legal in Melbourne, Victoria?

Yes, cannabis medication became legally available to patients who have a prescription and live in Melbourne (Victoria) in 2016.

While most medical cannabis products aren't listed on the Australian Registry of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), any AHPRA-registered doctor can prescribe them to patients living in Melbourne (Victoria) as long as the doctor believes it to be clinically appropriate.

Medicinal cannabis products that contain 98% THC and 2% or less THC are classified as Schedule 4 medications. While any medicinal cannabis products that have more than 2%THC are classified as Schedule 8 controlled substances in Australia.

Telemedicine has become a lot more common since covid. Chronic Therapy doctors can prescribe a variety of cannabis medications, including medical marijuana (weed), to Victorian patients via telemedicine. Medical practitioners can prescribe cannabis medications to treat the symptoms of a variety of medical conditions.

Electronic prescriptions allow patients to order their medications online and have cannabis medications sent to their homes in Melbourne with next business day delivery (from dispatch). Alternatively, patients can use their electronic prescriptions at any cannabis dispensing pharmacy in Melbourne to purchase their medications.

2. Which Cannabis Medications are Available in Melbourne?

There are over 300 different cannabis medications that are now available to patients living in Melbourne with a prescription, these include

  • Cannabis flower (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid)
  • Cannabis oils (CBD oil and THC oil)
  • Tablets, capsules, wafers and gummies (new)
  • CBD/THC vape cartridges (new)
  • Medical cannabis (weed).

Cannabis medications used to be very expensive when compared to cannabis that was purchased illegally. This has recently changed, medical cannabis now starts at $6 per gram. 

There is no perfect cannabis medication for all patients, and each type of cannabis medication has its advantages and disadvantages. Patients can experience different effects between different cannabis medications, even various strains of medical marijuana.

It is important to note that different strains of cannabis can lead to different effects. There are over 200 different cannabinoids found in cannabis and they are available in different concentrations between strains. 

It is important to speak to a knowledgeable doctor. They can help you get the most appropriate medication and dose for your specific condition.

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    3. Cannabis Clinic Melbourne

    Chronic Therapy is a leading cannabis clinic that services patients located in Melbourne Australia via telemedicine. The entire process, from consultation to receiving medicinal cannabis, can be done from the comfort of your home in Melbourne. 

    Our doctors are Authorised prescribers for cannabis medictions and have done additional training regarding how to prescribe medical cannabis safely.

    Chronic Therapy Process:

    • 1. Free online Pre-Screening (to determine if you are an eligible patient for medicinal cannabis products)
    • 2. Book a teleconsultation
    • 3. Medications delivered to your door. Next-day delivery to Melbourne and 2-day delivery to regional Victoria; from the date of dispatch.

    4. Cannabis Dispensary Melbourne

    While pharmacies in Melbourne are legally allowed to order cannabis on a per-script basis for their patient, there are only a handful of true cannabis dispensaries (stock cannabis medications). 

    Astrid Pharmacy is the most well-known “cannabis dispensary” in Melbourne. They compound many of their own cannabis oils and are known to have a great-looking brand. The biggest issue is that they don't stock many of the popular strains and medications. 

    Most of our patients choose to have their medications sent to Melbourne from Pittwater Pharmacy in Sydney for three reasons

    1. Cheapest prices - Never charge above RRP
    2. They stock a huge range of medications
    3. Next-day delivery to Melbourne
    4. Order online (once you have a prescription).

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    5. How Much Does Medical Cannabis Cost in Melbourne?

    Medicinal cannabis prices vary greatly in Melbourne, Victoria. They range between $6-23 per gram. There are a number of factors that impact the price of the medication, these include

    • The brand of cannabis - Some brands are significantly more expensive when comparing similar strains (cannabinoids and terpenes). 
    • The cannabis dispensing pharmacy - many Melbourne pharmacies charge 20-50% more than RRP for cannabis medications.
    • The percentage of THC - Strains with higher THC percentages tend to cost more. 
    • Strains with a richer terpene profile also cost more in some circumstances. 
    • Some brands offer concession prices for specific strains. 

    There has been a huge decrease in the price of cannabis over the past three years. The average price of 10 grams for medical cannabis used to be $185 in 2021. This has now decreased to $135.

    6. Can You Drive on Medical Cannabis in Victoria?

    No, it is illegal to drive with any THC in your system in Melbourne, Victoria. 

    All doctors who prescribe to Victorian patients are instructed to inform their patients that Australia has a 0% tolerance to driving with any THC in their system. It is important to note that patients are allowed to drive after consuming medications that are CBD isolates or broad spectrum (no THC).

    Unfortunately, the roadside drug tests can often be flawed and can result in a false positive, weeks after taking the medication. It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions regarding how long to wait after taking the medication before driving.



    Finding a well-priced medical marijuana dispensing pharmacy in Melbourne (Victoria) can be challenging. Chronic Therapy helps its patients order their cannabis medications online and them sent to their address in Melbourne, Victoria. This allows Melbourne patients to access the cheaper prices found in Sydney-based pharmacies.

    Chronic Therapy doctors use electronic prescriptions, meaning you can order the cannabis medication online and have it sent to your house; or purchase the medication in person from a local cannabis dispensing pharmacy in Melbourne.

    Chronic therapy doctors are Authorised Prescribers, meaning they can legally write cannabis prescriptions without asking the Department of Health for permission on a patient-by-patient basis. Chronic Therapy patients can go from consultation to medication in less than a week, while the industry standard is 2-3 weeks.

    If you are suffering from a chronic condition that you believe would benefit from accessing medical cannabis in Victoria, we recommend booking a consultation with a Chronic Therapy authorised prescriber. They will guide you through the process which can be done from the comfort of your own home.

    Go from teleconsultation from the comfort of your home to having your cannabis medication delivered to Melbourne, in less than one week.