CBD Oil Sunshine Coast

What is CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a naturally occurring compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant [1]. CBD oil is a concentration of this compound, often blended with a carrier oil for easier consumption and absorption [1]. Unlike its counterpart tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not produce a 'high' or any form of intoxication, a feature often associated with cannabis [2]. This is a primary reason why CBD is gaining popularity in the world of plant-based treatment options, particularly for managing symptoms of chronic pain and other health conditions [3].

CBD oil is acknowledged for its potential to alleviate a wide range of symptoms. Research indicates it can provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and help manage symptoms of diseases such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis [4]. It has also been employed in the treatment of mental health disorders such as anxiety and PTSD [5]. As a plant-based medicine, CBD oil offers an alternative or adjunct treatment for patients seeking relief from various symptoms.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Sunshine Coast?

In Australia, CBD oil is considered a Schedule 4 prescription medication [6]. This means it can be legally prescribed by any AHPRA registered doctor on a per-script basis, after obtaining approval from the Department of Health [6]. For Sunshine Coast residents and indeed, all Australian patients, this opens the door to an alternative treatment option.

Chronic Therapy, a telemedicine platform, simplifies this process. The platform's doctors are Authorised Prescribers for cannabis medications, meaning they can prescribe these treatments without seeking additional approval. This significantly streamlines the process for patients in Sunshine Coast and across Australia.

What Cannabis Medications Are Available in Sunshine Coast?

Beyond CBD oil, a range of cannabis medications are available for prescription in Sunshine Coast, provided the patient is assessed as appropriate by a qualified doctor. These include but are not limited to:

  • Cannabis oils: These are typically used sublingually, meaning they are placed under the tongue for absorption. They can provide relief for a wide range of symptoms.
  • Gummies: These edible forms of cannabis are a more palatable option for some patients.
  • Vape Cartridges (CBD and THC): Vaping offers a more immediate delivery method for CBD and THC.
  • Medicinal marijuana: This includes the cannabis plant in its more traditional form to be vaporised.

All these options are available to Sunshine Coast residents, pending a consultation with an Authorised Prescriber, such as those available through Chronic Therapy.

CBD Oil Doctor in Sunshine Coast

Accessing CBD oil and other cannabis medications in Sunshine Coast has been made more accessible and convenient through teleconsultations with Chronic Therapy's authorised prescribers. These medical professionals can evaluate a patient's symptoms and determine the appropriateness of plant-based medicines such as CBD oil for treatment.

This is done via teleconsultations, allowing patients to have a consultation from the comfort of their own homes. If assessed as appropriate, patients are written an electronic prescription, which is sent via text message to their mobile phone. This prescription can be used at any cannabis dispensing pharmacy in Australia. Additionally, Chronic Therapy can arrange for medications to be sent directly to a patient's home in Sunshine Coast with express postage.

Buy CBD Oil in Sunshine Coast

The process of obtaining CBD oil in Sunshine Coast through Chronic Therapy is straightforward. After scheduling a teleconsultation and being assessed by one of the platform's doctors, an electronic prescription can be issued. With this prescription, patients can purchase their medications from any cannabis dispensing pharmacy in Sunshine Coast.

However, it is worth noting that many pharmacies currently have large markups on cannabis medications. To help patients manage these costs, Chronic Therapy aids in purchasing medications online, arranging for them to be sent directly to the patient's home in Sunshine Coast with express postage. This delivery process typically takes only 2 business days, ensuring patients can start their treatment as soon as possible.

Prescription CBD Oil vs Black Market

There is a growing concern regarding the black market for cannabis products, including CBD oil. However, it is crucial for Sunshine Coast residents to be aware of the risks involved with buying from unregulated sources.

Black market cannabis products are not subjected to the rigorous quality controls that legal, prescription cannabis medications are [7]. This can result in products that are inconsistent in potency, potentially contaminated, or even falsely advertised [8].

Furthermore, purchasing and using cannabis products from the black market is illegal and can result in severe penalties under Australian law [9].

Prescription CBD oil, on the other hand, is held to high-quality standards. It is produced by companies operating within the legal framework, ensuring product safety and efficacy. These companies undergo regular inspections and must comply with stringent manufacturing practices [10]. With a prescription from Chronic Therapy, patients can ensure they are receiving a product that is both legal and safe.


In summary, CBD oil and other cannabis medications offer an alternative, plant-based treatment option for a range of symptoms and conditions. For Sunshine Coast residents, accessing these treatments has been made more accessible through the telemedicine platform, Chronic Therapy. The platform connects patients with qualified doctors who can assess the appropriateness of cannabis-based treatments.

Moreover, it simplifies the process of obtaining an electronic prescription for CBD oil and other cannabis medications. These prescriptions can be used at any dispensing pharmacy in Australia, or medications can be delivered to the patient's home in Sunshine Coast. With the added benefit of bypassing potential pharmacy markups, Chronic Therapy streamlines the process from consultation to medication, making plant-based treatment more accessible and affordable.

If you are a resident of Sunshine Coast and are interested in exploring CBD oil as a potential treatment option, consider booking a teleconsultation with a Chronic Therapy doctor to be screened for CBD oil and other cannabis medications.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. While CBD is legal in Sunshine Coast, it is important to speak to a licensed doctor before using any medication. At Chronic Therapy, our doctors diligently evaluate patients for the appropriateness of cannabis-based medications. Please be aware that scheduling a consultation with a Chronic Therapy doctor does not guarantee the issuance of a prescription.