Basger's Pharmacy - Medical Cannabis

There are now quite a few different pharmacies in Sydney that sell medical cannabis. Basger's Pharmacy is one of the three leading cannabis dispensing pharmacies in Sydney's eastern suburbs and is located in North Bondi NSW 2026.

In regards to cannabis medicines, Basgers Pharmacy’s main competitor is Gaslight Pharmacy (located in Rose Bay. Both of which are boutique pharmacies, located in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Both pharmacies are located in two of the most affluent suburbs in New South Wales, if not Australia. While their medicines can be relatively expensive, they offer convenience to those nearby. Chemist Warehouse has also started selling certain cannabis medications.

Basgers Pharmacy - Pros and Cons


  • Friendly pharmacists and staff,
  • Stock a wide range of cannabis medications safely.
  • Convenient for customers living in Sydney's eastern suburbs (especially North Bondi) to visit.


  • Medications are often expensive when compared to some other Australian pharmacies.
  • Could improve their opening hours over the weekend.
  • Convenient for customers living in Sydney's eastern suburbs (especially North Bondi) to visit.

How to get the best price for Cannabis Medications if you live in Sydney

Obtain an electronic prescription.

An electronic prescription allows patients to compare the price of a specific medication across various pharmacies. Ideally, the doctor writing your prescription will be an Authorised Prescriber, who has already sent their cannabis certificates to all the pharmacies you are contacting.

Compare the price of cannabis medication between pharmacies.

The prices of cannabis medicines vary significantly between pharmacies. Cannabis medications are often an ongoing treatment, meaning that an increase in price for the same medication can have a significant financial impact in the long term.

Requesting a quote for the medication takes work. You must email your e-script to the potential cannabis dispensing pharmacy (and doctor certificates) before calling for a quote.

Alternatively, you can consult with a clinic that uses multiple dispensing pharmacies (like Chronic Therapy). These clinics often know which pharmacies have the lowest prices for various cannabis medications.

Can Chronic Therapy patients purchase medicines from Basgers Pharmacy?

Yes, Chronic Therapy patients can purchase any of their prescribed medicine from Basgers Pharmacy. This includes cannabis medicines.

At the end of your video consultation with the Chronic Therapy doctor, you will receive a text message with an electronic prescription for your medicine. This can be taken to Basgers Pharmacy. Alternatively, you can ask us to directly email your electronic prescription to Basgers Pharmacy.

Chronic Therapy doctors can prescribe any medicine. They help patients receive the best treatment for their condition (not exclusively cannabis medicines). Any non specially compounded medicine can be purchased from Basgers Pharmacy.

At the end of the consultation, we will recommend a pharmacy that we believe will give your medication at the best price, which can sometimes be Basgers Pharmacy.

Are Cannabis medicines available at Chemist Warehouse?

Yes, certain cannabis medications are available at Chemist Warehouse.

This is exciting news as Chemist Warehouse is renowned for having low prices for medicines across the board. Hopefully, when Chemist Warehouse enters the market, it will lead to the prices of all cannabis medicines in Australia lowering.

Chronic Therapy process to access cannabis medicines

1. Free online pre-screening
Our team of doctors created this service which assesses a patient's suitability to be prescribed cannabis medications safely.

2. Book a video consultation with a Chronic Therapy Doctor.

3. Have your cannabis medicines delivered to your door.
The medicines are sent with express postage and are delivered to any location in Sydney the day after dispatch (80% of the time).

Chronic Therapy has simplified the process for patients to access cannabis medicines from the comfort of their homes. Our patients can purchase cannabis medicines at the cheapest prices from various pharmacies nationwide.

It is important to compare prices of cannabis medicines between pharmacies nationwide, as Pharmacies located in different states offer next-day delivery to patients living in Sydney.

The Chronic Therapy service works very effectively, it allows patients to have their medicines delivered within a week of their consultation. Often is as little as three business days.

Contact Chronic Therapy

There are a variety of ways that you can contact us:

1. Click on live chat at the bottom right-hand side of this webpage.

2. Send an email to

3. Call 1300 493 333